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iPad Kiosk Mode Setup

What Is iPad Kiosk Mode?

iPad Kiosk Mode enables you to run only one app in the foreground on your iPad and prevents users of your iPad from using the iPad for any other purpose. This mode is especially useful when you want to collect input from your users using iPad but don’t want them to exit your app or use any other app. Several applications such as visitor self sign-in, user surveys, lead capture can benefit from using iPad in kiosk mode.

How To Set Up iPad Kiosk Mode?

iOS 6.0 and above support a built-in accessibility feature called “Guided access mode”. Turning on this feature enables you to effortlessly use iPad in kiosk mode.

Following are the steps to set up kiosk mode for iPad:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPad
  2. Navigate to General -> Accessibility
  3. Scroll all the way down to “Guided Acess” under the LEARNING section.
  4. Turn on “Guided Access”
  5. Enable “Passcode Settings” for your kiosk mode on iPad. Enabling passcode / touch ID will make sure that if someone tries to exit the kiosk mode, they are required to have the passcode / touch ID. Without the proper passcode, they won’t be able to exit the iPad kiosk mode.

Run App in iPad Kiosk Mode

Once the iPad kiosk mode is enabled, just launch the app that you want to run in kiosk mode. And then triple-click the home button. You will be prompted to start the¬†guided access mode. Just tap on “Start” to start the kiosk mode.

Exit iPad Kiosk Mode

To exit the iPad kiosk mode, just triple-click on the home button again. You will be prompted for the passcode that you entered while enabling Guided Access mode. Once you enter the correct passcode / touch ID, the iPad comes out of the kiosk mode and you can use any other apps on the iPad.

More information on the Guided Access mode can be found on the Apple website.

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