Fast & Accurate Lead Capture For Trade Shows and Conferences

Capture high-quality leads at your next trade show or conference. Export the leads effortlessly and import those into your favorite CRM system.

Effortless Lead Capture

InstaCheckin is a self-service lead capture solution. The InstaCheckin iPad app can run in a kiosk mode. Once you finish your conversation with your potential leads, they fill out their information just with a few taps on the iPad. This saves you crucial time that you can use to engage with your next lead.

InstaCheckin Visitor Registration for iPad - feature a

Showcase your brand in front and center of your potential customers and partners

First impressions are the lasting impressions, so make them count. You can showcase your brand logo and color theme in front of your trade show attendees and capture their info with our modern and delightful registration app.

Collect the lead info you need

Customized check-in fields enable you to capture the lead information that your business needs e.g. names, email address, phone numbers, multiple-choice questions and more.

Automated email alerts and follow-ups

InstaCheckin generates email alerts as soon as new leads are captured. The alert notifications can be sent to a preconfigured list of email addresses. Also, a customized follow-up email can be sent to your lead instantly after their check in.

Real-time Dashboard

As leads check in at your booth, the web dashboard is updated in real-time giving the up-to-the-minute view of lead capture. The dashboard also enables easy and quick searching of leads.

Leads Export, Reports & Stats

The web dashboard also empowers exporting of all the captured leads with a single click. You can then easily import this data into your favorite CRM system. There are also built-in reports and analytics that give you deep insights into your events.

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