visitor registration iPad kiosk pairing

How To – Install and Pair InstaCheckin Visitor Registration iPad App

InstaCheckin is a modern visitor registration solution with a delightful iPad app. To start checking in visitors to InstaCheckin, you will first need to install the app on your iPad and then pair the iPad kiosk with your InstaCheckin account. This process should only take a couple of minutes. So, let’s get started.

1. Install the InstaCheckin app on your iPad

Open the AppStore app on your iPad and then search for “InstaCheckin”. Here’s the link to the InstaCheckin App. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the app on your iPad. Open the app once the installation is complete and the screen should look like the one below. You will see a different pairing code your kiosk.

visitor registration iPad kiosk pairing

2. Pairing the iPad kiosk with your account

Log in to your InstaCheckin account. If you don’t already have an InstaCheckin account, you can quickly sign up for a free trial account. Navigate to Manage -> Kiosks. This page shows you all the iPad kiosks paired with your account in the given location and their status. Click on “Pair Kiosk” button in the top right corner and you should see the kiosk pairing page as below. Enter friendly Kiosk Name, optional description and the 8-digit pairing code displayed in the iPad app and hit Save.

Visitor Registration iPad Kiosk Pairing

That’s it. Your iPad app will pair itself with your account and you should see a welcome screen customized with your logo and the theme color. Now you are ready to start checking in visitors with the iPad app. It’s that simple!

visitor registration iPad kiosk pairing


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