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InstaCheckin is the modern Visitor Managment System with iPad-based secure visitor registration. It delights your visitors with an intuitive and modern interface as they self-sign in. At the same time, InstaCheckin dramatically improves the efficiency of your front desk staff by automating the entire visitor check-in flow. Better yet, InstaCheckin improves the safety and security at your workplaces by digitally tracking all the visitors and helping your organization with regulatory and compliance requirements.

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First impression is the lasting impression. Make it count with the perfect visitor sign-in experience.

Capture Visitor Info & Photos

Seamlessly capture visitor information using customizable check-in fields. Also, capture visitor photos for an added measure of security. The visitor photos also help the hosts identify their guests and greet them personally.

Instant Visitor Arrival Notifications.

Receive visitor arrival notifications using email and SMS. This saves your receptionist a ton of time as they don’t need to call or email the host anymore. The notification preferences can be set as per individual host’s choice.


Sign NDAs / Waiver forms

Protect your Intellectual Property by having your visitors sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during the sign-in process. Customize the documents to be signed depending on the purpose of visit. Visitors can also sign waiver forms.

Print Visitor Badges. With Your Brand.

Print visitor badges automatically as the visitors sign-in. Showcase your brand on the visitor badges as well. Display the visitor’s sign-in time, their host’s name to provide added layer of security.

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InstaCheckin helps us reflect our brand from the very first moment someone arrives at our office. The ultimate selling point for us was the ease of logging visitors to our facility and the reports, which help us greatly with meeting the SQF compliance and regulatory requirements!

Mark Zoske
CEO, SaltWorks Inc.

We’ve been impressed by the ease of use and the excellent customer service! InstaCheckin gives us an innovative way to greet our visitors, collect NDAs and improve security overall. Visitors love that it’s a quick, easy way to check in, and employees appreciate notifications when their visitors arrive.

InstaCheckin Visitor Registration - heather-carpenter
Heather Carpenter
HR Generalist, INRIX

Being a technology company, we wanted to welcome our visitors and guests with an innovative yet simple way. InstaCheckin helps us do exactly that while increasing the security of our facility. We really love the notifications as our visitors arrive!


InstaCheckin Visitor Registration for iPad - RakeshGarg
Rakesh Garg
CFO, Allyis Inc

Since deploying InstaCheckin at our location, we have been impressed with the improved ease of engagement from our visitors, particularly in securing information from them. The feedback from our visitors has also been positive, as a result of this simpler approach.


InstaCheckin Visitor Registration for iPad - Kaj-Pedersen
Kaj Pedersen
VP of Operations, Atlas Informatics