School Visitor Management System With iPad Sign In App

There is a need for a better school visitor registration system to make school visitor registration simple, with lots of visitors visiting the school in a day it becomes very important to keep the track of all activities and make sure you are allowing right persons are getting an entry to your school premise.

Instacheckin is the best school visitor management system that simplifies the entire visitor registration process at your school. InstaCheckin comes with an iPad visitor sign in app. And also a web based dashboard which can manage and monitor the visitor activity across multiple school locations.

School Visitor Management System – How to Select?

Some of the great features exclusively made for schools to secure and make visitor registration simpler makes InstaCheckin the best school visitor registration and visitor management software. While selecting a visitor management system for your school, you should consider if the system supports the following features, that come 

Authorized Student Access List

You can store authorized parents and guardians to the database and also can manage the custodial rights of students to track so that you can prevent unauthorized visits to your schools.

Visitor Black List

Using InstaCheckin, you can create a black list of visitors that should be denied check-in at your school. When a visitor matching a black list criteria tries to check in, InstaCheckin will automatically send email/SMS alert to pre-configured users after which they can take necessary steps to prevent the visitor from entering the school facilities.

Visitor Badges

You can customize visitor badges and print them easily. Instacheckin will allow you to customize badges with custom fields, logos, time in out etc

Visitor Sign in/Sign out

Now you can easily track visitors time in and out. Using the InstaCheckin iPad app, the visitors can easily sign out when they are leaving the school premises. Alternatively, an admin can also sign out a visitor from the web dashboard. Using the sign-out feature,  you can quickly find out the visitors are currently at your school.

Visitor History Tracking

Track visitors previous visit history, their total visit time, any custom notes about their visits etc. This will allow you to quickly see how frequent someone is visiting and their visiting pattern. Using the web dashboard, you can easily search for a visitor’s past visits and build custom reports.

Instacheckin is perfect school visitor registration software that you can use on iPad, simply mount an iPad in the lobby area of your school and make your visitor registration simpler and secure. You can print the visitor badges and manage every authorized & unauthorized entry to the school. It can also be integrated into your student information system to give more centralized data about your school registrations.


InstaCheckin offers many more great features to make your office visitor registrations simpler, faster, and more efficient. Get the office visitor management system on iPad today!

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