Office design ideas

Office design ideas to boost employee productivity

There are many office design ideas to boost employee productivity.

But which should you choose to implement in your business office?

Office design plays a major role in how employees interact with the company’s services. Office design on employee productivity can either break or make the business work being done as it has a direct impact on the employee morale.

There are various office design ideas to boost employee productivity. This post discusses the key fundamental ideas you (as a company) should incorporate into your office to make it a more productive place to work.

Productive workplace begins from the layout of your desk, sitting plan, environment and many other tricks you should consider improvising for the comfort of improving your employee work environment.

Office layout/Design

Your main goal need not be like to build a collaborative office space like that of Google, Pixar or other big workspace environments that require a lot of design budget and other design expenses.

Open plan layouts for offices improve communication channels, aid co-working with other employee and fostering a feeling of togetherness which increases the employee health and morale towards their work.

That’s not the only office design. Psychology of colors matters too.

The presentation of your office especially the colors impacts the productivity and moods of your employees. Research from Gensler (WPI analysis) shows that a well-designed office has the potential to increase employee productivity by 20%

Well-organized desks

Most of your employees spend 2/3 of their time engaging with their duties within a given office layout/design. For optimal productivity, they need to have well-organized workspace to effectively perform their duties with excellent quality.

Every employer needs to need to consider the following for their employee:

  • The right work desk with well-organized shelves and drawers to ease tasks and keep everything organized
  • An ergonomic chair (this is very important). The chair should be comfortable with the employee and promote good posture.
  • Office lighting. This has much impact on your employee productivity. The complaint may arise due to too dim or harsh office lighting. Dim lights cause eye strain and headaches (eyes are forced to strain in order to see thus resulting in drowsiness and lack of focus) which lowers the employee motivation and productivity. Design a proper light strategy in your office to have improved employee productivity while caring for their health and save energy.
  • A computer placed in a strategic position and with an adjusted screen brightness.

Room Temperature

It’s estimated that most offices maintain their work office room temperature at 65-68 Fahrenheit. This isn’t bad but not good for productivity. In fact, warmer rooms make the employees more productive.

Ask a room temperature controller to keep the room warmer but not too hot to distract the comfort of the tasks the employees are doing.

Room Scents

Different people have different smell taste which can affect the moods and their mindset at the workplace. Unfriendly room scent can disrupt the productivity of the employees.

For office productivity, the following scents keep employees to stay focused on their work:

  • Pine – Increases employee alertness
  • Citrus (any) – Wakes employee up and lifts their spirits
  • Lavender – Helps to relax employee during a stressful work day
  • Peppermint – boost employee mood
  • Cinnamon – Improves focus

Delegate a space for relaxation

Office work can be tedious and employees require to have a space to relax at their work. This not only benefits their body health but also increases office productivity.

Relaxation space comes in different design/shapes and sizes. These spaces provide a room for the employees to feel more comfortable at their work like relieve eyestrain, neck and back tension etc.

Clear office clutter

How is the organization of your current office? Is it well inspiring and neatly organized? Are there clutters like excessive wires or loose papers which distracts your office workplace?

A bad impression for the company’s potential clients and employees. Right?

Well, Organize loose papers and arrange the wires strategically to make your office work more presentable.

Research shows that removing clutter in office tends to improve productivity for 13.5% of employees.

Venture into better technology

Technology is shaping how employees interact with their office workspace. Many third-party companies are selling their various office tools to ease and improve the overall company’s productivity.

Technology shapes the design of your office.

Your business office may not need to acquire sophisticated tools for better employee workplace and RIO at once. Simple advancements in technology increase your workers’ moods and interaction with the office work.

17.6% of surveyed employees replied that “technology would improve their productivity in the workplace”. Not only has it improved productivity but also eased communication and workers engagement with the systems and across companies.

Incorporating technology in the office workplace is different for various business due to their workplace/business model. Consider understanding your business model and invest in productive office technology tools.

Noise Level and Air Quality

Too much noise around the employee workplace affects their focus to stay on tasks. It’s distracting and raises stress level which eventually lowers the productiveness of the employees.

Sometimes, the environment the business is situated at has various noise coming from around the neighborhood. This can be difficult to control. As an employee, bring your noise cancellation headphones and other utilities like Spotify, Songza (choose centralization boosting sounds) that help keep your mind focus on office work.

On the other hand, air quality has a direct impact on office productivity. Poor air quality causes work inefficiency and sick leave most of the time.  As a company serious about employee health and productivity, consider installing air filters. Natural fresh air through the windows can also help improve the office employee productivity.

Companies should also add plants to their surroundings to help filter the air and provide clean, purified oxygen.

Organization of workers

This isn’t about organizing employees based on their job function or specific divisions. In fact, employees are more productive when their sitting organization is grouped with the colleagues who have the same goal.


Because they get to share and generate solutions to their questions more easily and effectively. This phenomenon greatly improves the general workplace productivity which is best to the success of the business.

Different Spaces

As an example, Google has different employees’ spaces (environment) for the different task. Your company needs to create different environments to work from. For example, the employee personal workplace, lobbies, conference rooms, kitchens, break out rooms, eating rooms and even lounge areas.

This technique doesn’t work for all businesses. If you’re lucky enough, putting yourself in a new space with different looks helps your brain stay focus which is an input for employees to stay productive.


Who doesn’t get hungry at their workplace? Definitely, you can’t work for long without refreshment to keep your mind focused on your job.

Some companies may provide tea or coffee for a section of the day to refresh their employees. You may consider bringing your own food to keep your stomach full and energized during the working hours.

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