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Businesses strive to ensure they have made their visitors feel they are in a home away from home so that they can win their trust from the moment they step at the reception. Read on and you will learn tips on how to ensure you have created a lasting impression on the visitors in your office.

Visitor management practices mainly comprise three cycles; from the moment the visitors arrive, stay and when they leave. Do not underestimate any of these steps.

1. Thoroughly inform your visitors prior to arrival

Make it a priority to give your visitors all necessary information they need before they arrive. At times, it is possible to assume that it is the visitors’ responsibility to know the ins and outs of your premises. Visitors getting into the building can possibly be part of the challenging experiences of a visit. For instance, they might be worried of parking space, how to get into the building, dealing with security issues, the safety of the neighborhood, items permitted for the visit and the kinds of foods and/or drinks provided.

Pro Tip

Providing visitors with the information they need before they get your offices is the best way to make the visit easier.

Send pre-visit emails or text messages where applicable. Communicate important information to visitors and help them to reduce pre-visit anxiety prior to arrival. You may also consider informing them on how to park and where the kinds of identifications required accessing the offices. Visitors will appreciate your efforts and the business will get better visits.

2. Provide your visitors with a clear signage upon arrival

Nobody wants trouble accessing an office, especially the first-timers. It may result in a little panic. Make it easier for your visitors to access your reception area. To employees used to the workplace, it is not a big deal know the area of the office they want to access. They may just need to swipe their cards and walk in. It might be a lot more different for the guests. In the instance that a card reader accesses the office, what will happen to the visitors? The last thing a visitor would want is to bang the door or call names. So, ensure that you have an alternative measure like an electric bell, an intercom or a reception desk.

Pro Tip

Consider entering your offices as a guest occasionally to get an idea of what visitors experience when coming to your offices. This will give you a chance to fix any issues before the visitors actually encounter them.

In the pre-visit messages mentioned above, include clear instructions on what it takes the visitors to get into the building. You may also have some fliers for the visitors. Have a routine check up on intercom systems (if you are using one) and ensure they are working correctly. Have your business logo on the building within public space to reassure to the visitors that they are in right place.

3. Ensure the reception is up to standard

Create an appealing waiting area to make the visitors comfortable as they sit and wait for the next directions. Creating a relaxing space puts visitors at ease in their visit. You may offer refreshments if the business budget allows. Moreover, please keep off old magazines. You may consider having materials of interest to your visitors on the table. A nice lobby makes the guests feel you have their best interest at heart.

4. Keep time

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Do you remember the timeless saying “time is money”? This is the most important tip. We live within time and make accomplishments with time. When it comes to hosting a visitor, excuses are unacceptable. Workdays might get busy with meetings taking longer than expected. Even if they do, DO NOT make your visitors wait! Delaying attention to visitors simply passes one message, “they forgot I was coming”.

Pro Tip

Use a visitor management system the will automatically prompt an alert once the guest signs in at the front desk (if you have one). The prompt might be an email or an SMS encourage for prompt attention to the visitor.

Google calendar comes in hand to set up a system of alerts. It will enable you to send notifications prior to the arrival of visitors. Schedule all visits in the visitor management system and clear the cracks.

5. Create a branded experience

You need to ask yourself this very important question. Do visitors know where they are when they immediately step into your office? Instead of making your visitors feel the presence of some old office building, tailor your visitor management system with your brand to make it possible for your visitors to associate their check-in experience with your business.

Pro Tip

Strive to ensure a color match of your visitor management system to the office interior decoration. Colors speak for brands, but consistency in branding colors speaks for and establishes businesses.

6. Analyze your visitor data

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When is the last time you generated reports from paper sign-in sheets? If you did, were you able to analyze the data? Now you see how important a visitor management system is. It makes it easier for you to generate reports and analyze visitors’ data providing insights on areas to improve efficiency.

Figure out trends in visitors’ appointments and establish whether they last long as expected or they are consistently running much longer. There are amazing tips you can learn about office operations by tracking the flow of your visitors.

7. Make it mandatory for visitors to check out before they leave

Maintain an accurate visitor log to keep the record of the people in your offices at all times. Account for everyone in cases of emergencies using an accurate visitor log in cases of emergencies requiring evacuations.

Pro Tip

Most laws stipulate that businesses account for all people within their premises in case of emergencies. Use a visitor management system to ensure visitors check out to avoid running into problems with authorities in case of emergencies.

8. Welcome the visitors with a smile

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You may have heard of the saying that goes that the first impression is often a lasting impression. Well, even with visitor management at your office the same applies. The perception you will create at first sight has a likelihood of becoming the lasting the lasting impression for the rest of the moments that the visitor will be in contact with you.

While on board an airplane, the air hostesses are ever jovial. Some passengers are very arrogant, but the air hostesses behave as if that is not really a big deal. Well, do you think that is just by chance? You can guess the answer. Welcome visitors with a warm smile. For the case of a visitor management system, use pre-recorded warm and respectful messages. Now you may understand the reason for the beautiful and soft voices behind the mobile phone operator agents.


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