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Best Visitor Badges Templates for Office Visitors

Most businesses require that everyone within their premises have an identity. Employees and visitors are the main groups into which people within the premise are classified. Usually, businesses design and assign identification cards to their employees for easy access to the business offices. With an ID on a tag usually either hanged on the neck or pinned, it is easier to tell who is who within the business premises. Identification is necessary for accountability. It makes it easy to tell the people that are present within the premises at a given time.

Businesses do not make permanent identification cards for their visitors. However, in some way, they seek a way to identify them within the offices. Instead of identification cards, most business use badges to sort out their visitors. Before we examine the best visitor badge templates for office visitors, let us point out the basic elements to consider in the best visitor badges.

Best visitor badge templates for office visitors

Following is our curated list of visitor badge templates for office visitors.

Visitors fill in badge with name, company, and date

visitor badge template

This visitors’ fill in badge with name, company, and date gives is one of the easiest ways to for small companies. It will give you an opportunity to handwrite the name of the visitor, the company, and date. The main advantage is that you can have the badges printed and stocked right at the reception of your business.

As visitors arrive, you can fill in their names. Alternatively, in the instance that the visitors are a larger number, you can issue them the blank cards then they can fill and return them to the reception. You must have a good reception for such tasks. Here is a list of the best visitor management practices (insert the link).

After use, it is not mandatory for visitors to return the cards. They are a one-time use and can be discarded accordingly.

Visitors fill in badge with weekdays

visitor badge template

If you are keen, you may have noted that this card is almost similar to the one we have discussed above. The only difference is the added weekdays. Why should a company prefer such a card with days of the week? Read on, I will tell you why. Visitors visit on different days of the week. The company might want to take inventory of their visitors. I might be important to factor in marking the day of the week. Of course, the easiest way is to settle for our visitor management system. This way, you can move on with the badge without weekdays.

Systematically numbered visitors badge

visitor badge template

Systematically numbered visitor badges can help you save on the time spent filling in names of guests. Sometimes, it is not necessary to have filled in badges. You can settle for such kind of a badge if reusable badges are ideal for you. The language on the badge is “please return badge when leaving”, but the truth is that the visitors cannot be permitted to leave the premises without returning the badge.

Visitors badge with name and host

visitor badge template

Some visitors might be visiting the business to check on an individual. This is where the badge with the name and visiting is ideal. The visitor will fill in the name and the visiting officer. It is healthy to keep a handful of such badges by the reception. Of course, I would not desire to hang a badge on my neck that I am going to visit somebody with the name on the badge. It is recommended to use this type of card sparingly. Use it only when it is ideal.

General Visitor Card

visitor badge template

Sometimes, there might be an event requiring people to identify themselves only as either staff or visitor. Then is such instances, a general entry badge is necessary. It might be the best option to identify the guests. The badges contain the name of the company and a general “visitor name”.

You can have a custom design for this card in a situation where you have visitors of different categories. Maybe you might consider group them by the color of the badge issued to them or by adding a distinguishing text to their badges.

Visitor print on the spot card

visitor badge template

In the digital era of the 21st century, people desire instant solutions. What could it benefit a company to have a print-on-the-spot visitors badge? The advantages are quite a number. Let us first examine its features. A digital visitors’ badge is printed upon the arrival of a visitor at the reception as they are signing it. The badge contains the name of the visitor, date, the validity of usage, printing time and department of visiting.

This is a time bound badge and the guest can only use it within the stipulated time. It saves time when integrated with the visitor management system. It will enable you printed instantly as you sign in the guest. The challenging part of it is that it is not durable. It the same visitor checks in tomorrow, the system must generate a new badge. The reception might be clobbered with printers and paperwork. Of course, business comes to a stalemate in the absence of power supply.


Visitors reusable magnetic Badge

visitor badge template

In such a competitive business and corporate world, businesses desire to be at the bar with trends in technology. Visitor management is one of the key areas decision makers consider when managing their visitors. Magnetic visitors badge is an idea borrowed from the swipe and enter employee check in check out system.

The main components of this kind of badge include the company name, visitor’s access name, a company logo and business card. The card has is ideal for swipe and enter offices. There are highly secure sections within an organization that require the highest level of protection. Such areas deploy the use of a magnetic access card.

Visitors sign in for the card against their names and they are issued with the visitors’ magnetic access card. This gives them an opportunity to access the company offices with easy.

Since this card is reusable, the company can save on visitors’ badges and spend the capital of growth of the business. The code number on the card has a unique identification with a system integration to track visitors’ movements within the offices.

Such kind of visitors badge is ideal for large companies since it is capital intensive. It requires a highly sophisticated system to operate. The major advantage is that it records logs at every swipe. Visitors cannot exit the premises without submitting the badge because they need it to access the exit and sign out.




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